How will you know when you’re done?


By Brad Gashler

Mar 17, 2020

Brad on an Austrian alp mountain wearing a backpack

I used to go running frequently as a high school student, but I stopped when things got busy in college and beyond. Why did I stop chasing the runners high that I loved?

My first goal

On September 22, 2019, I started a 3-month goal on Motivation Fund to work out 4 times a week. As I started, I kept wondering when I would get the runners high back. It was honestly really hard to keep going. I was annoyed with my own product, because it kept me honest and going out, even in the cold rain of Seattle.

The journey

It’s fun to look back at my app journals (you learn a lot about yourself journaling in our app). 2 weeks in, I complained,

20 min run. Cold! Did it to avoid procrastinating for later in the week.

But, by October 17, after consistently following my goal, my attitude changed. I wrote,

I realized [today] running in the rain and cold isn’t so bad. Previously I always used it as an excuse not to run.


2 things I learned along the way: having a flexible goal like mine, on the one hand, means you don’t stress about doing your goal say at 6am every morning, but if you lose track of time procrastinating, you’ll be running at 11:40pm at night or the last 4 days of the week.

The destination

By October 21st, I got my runners high back for the first time. I started with a destination in my mind, to finish my goal and be healthier, but as Phil Knight (founder of Nike) said in his book Shoe Dog, “the act itself becomes the destination.” I love exercise again.